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Alabama Holidox Dachshund Puppies For Sale

Clear cream mini dachshund puppySebastian and Layla's Puppy Ready for Fall 2013 to begin!black and cream mini Dachshund long haired stud we call Sebastian

Thank you for stopping by which is a showcase of AKC registered mini dachshunds for sale. We currently have a variety of cream colored mini dachshunds in our mini dachshund breeding program that are becoming quite popular judging by our waiting lists and the demand we continue to see. That being said, we LOVE these little wieners!!! Our philosophy is simple: we raise all of our dachshund puppies as if they will be our own best friend for many years to come. Some of our dachshund puppies leave us partially potty trained and in many cases fully adjusted to crates and seclusion (which, if you have owned a puppy or a dog in your life, you know that is a HUGE benefit).

We feel so strongly about our little badger hunters that we'll even take them back if things change in life that make it hard to maintain a healthy relationship with one of our puppies. We are happy to answer any and all questions about the breed in general. mini dachshunds like to be in the middle of the family and the center of attention...and don't, for any reason, mention the word "P ... A ... R ... K" in the presence of a mini dachshund unless you fully intend to take said friend to the outdoor sniffers club.

Feel free to browse our website and see our Happy Tails page which has many of our puppies all grown up with testimonials from their happy, loving owners.

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